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62.8 billion national investment in biomedical biotechnology industry to promote the development of

  May 13, the State Council Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting to study the deployment of scientific and technological support to play a role in national science and technology and to accelerate the implementation of major projects, the meeting discussed and adopted "to promote the biotechnology industry to accelerate the development of policy." Central meeting will invest 62.8 billion yuan earmarked to promote the implementation of major science and technology, and biotechnology industry in China developed into a pillar industry of high-tech fields.
  Meeting to biomedical and other industries for the development of focus areas from 7 to develop bio-industry, in 2009, the central government will be 32.8 billion in 2010, will be driven about 30 billion yuan investment, mainly to promote the new genetically modified organisms breeding, research and development of major new drugs, as well as AIDS, viral hepatitis and other major infectious diseases.
  Where the pharmaceutical industry analyst Guo pointed out that the country through "the promotion of biotechnology industry to accelerate the development of a number of policy" the Government has fully demonstrated the great importance of high-tech and bio-industry attention, the central financial arrangements in more than 600 billion pharmaceutical industry occupies an important position in A total of 11 special, there are two special pharmaceutical industry, which shows that the national attention on the pharmaceutical industry.
  Research Center of Information Industry show that in 2008, China's biotechnology industry in the production of more than 8600 billion yuan output value, up 26 percent last year. 2009 may be exceeded 1 trillion yuan. By 2020, about 4 trillion will be a breakthrough, in the Research Center for the consultancy industry forecasts, will be the biomedical industry a pillar industry of the future of medicine, the future contribution rate of China's GDP could reach 10%.

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